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Margarita Bar

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Margarita Man Bar
All gourmet mixes are provided as non-alcoholic  so the host/hostess can choose to add their own liquor either directly to the machine, available on the side, or not at all. Recipes for alcohol quantities and types are available upon request.  Our 18 flavors are listed below.  You can combine two flavors together to create even more choices.
Margaritaman will provide all bar mix to be used during the rental period.  Each 1/2 gallon concentrate
mixed with the recommended amount of water (and an average amount of alcohol if you choose) will
yield approximately 70 - 8 oz. servings.  The yield of each mix is variable based on amount of alcohol
used (if any).  You control the strength of the drinks you serve.

One bottle of mix is included free with each machine rental.  Additional bottles of concentrate are
 available for $20.00 each.  We are unable to deliver additional mix during your event but we'll be glad
to assist you with suggestions for choosing appropriate quantities for your particular party. 
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