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Special Event Sitters

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Special Event Sitters with a party twist!

Relax and have a great time at your event knowing that your childern are close being kept very busy with all kinds of activities.

If you are planning an event you now can offer guest event sitting services.

This will allow you to focus on the event with assurance that the children are in a safe atmosphere.

Before your event we will send out a list so that you can inform your guest the children will be invited to the event, but in a seperate room close by.




  Wedding Planning In Pittsburgh PA.
Call  412-716-9780
to book your sitter !

Parents, Consultants, Event Planners, and Meeting Planners feel free to use our sitting services! We will be available for the following events:
Weddings, Rehersal Events, Engagement Parties, Receptions, Showers, Luncheons, Holiday Parties, Conventions, Trade Shows, Grand Openings,Parents Night Out, Company Picnics, Cooporate Events, Company Meetings, and More!



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