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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a Wedding & Event Coordinator?
There are many advantages to hiring a wedding coordinator. A wedding coordinator can assist with all the leg work. With the amount of wedding specialist in the Pittsburgh area, finding the right one that you can trust and be confident with can take hours, days or weeks. A wedding coordinator can narrow down a few wedding specialist for you that meet your budget and visions and best of all, most coordinators have worked with those that they refer, therefore will always refer someone they trust and you can trust as well.

A wedding coordinator can also be helpful when reviewing contracts. Wedding coordinators can pinpoint important details as well as make suggestions on items that would be helpful to include in the contracts.

With today’s hectic schedules, your wedding coordinator can act as the primary contact person for your wedding specialists (vendors), family and friends. This may eliminate all the stress of having to repeat details or answer any questions that your planner can handle on the spot.

From eliminating some stress to managing time, wedding coordinators can be a useful tool in planning your wedding.

What fees are involved?
The initial consultation is complimentary. After discussing your needs with a coordinator, a coordinator will provide the fees associated to each package.

When can I schedule a consultation??
Consultations are by appointment only. We understand that with today’s demanding schedules it is sometimes difficult to meet during business hours, therefore we are flexible with our scheduling.

What services do you provide on the day the event?
If your event is a wedding, a coordinator will be present at the rehearsal, pre-ceremony, ceremony and receptions. For all events, on the day of your event a coordinator will be present to make sure all event details are met; this may include directing & assisting with decorations and/or layout, and meeting with vendors at their schedules time of arrival. A coordinator will be present to handle any last minute adjustments or unplanned situations that may warrant special attention. On this day a pre-planned timeline of the day will be provided to vendor(s), client(s) and other necessary groups or person(s).

At what point of our planning process can I hire or consult with a wedding or event coordinator?
Watson's Special Events  Party & Planners can provide coordination at any time of your planning process. We can assist you as early as the day after your engagement to months before your wedding or event. If you happen to find yourself in need of some professional input or assistance, we will be glad to relieve you of the stress and time it takes to plan your special event. It is never too early or too late to hire a wedding & event coordinator.

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